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Excellent product knowledge, very helpful and friendly. This was a second trade and will not be the last. The products work very well, thanks. 
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Here at DEK New Zealand we have a large range of Piston Pumps ranging from our W30 all the way up to our W520. Giving you pumping head heights from 1m - 450m with different volumes of water to suit your needs. Simply select "Petrol Water Pumps", "Diesel Water Pumps" or “Electric Water Pumps" depending on what you require.

We are 110% customer focused and pride ourselves on giving our customers the best and most accurate information possible. This is why we have created this step by step instruction guide to working out your pumping head heights and total pumping distance.

To assist you in finding the correct DEK Piston Pump for your needs please follow the simply step by step instructions to download, install and use Google Earth to work out your head height & total pumping distance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you all ready have Google Earth installed on your computer please skip to Step 7

For more information on when to use a piston pump and more information about them please see this link:

Step 1:

Go to and click "Download Google Eart"


Step 2:

Read googles  "Google Earth's Privacy Policy", then  click "Agree and Download


Step 3:

Your download should start automatically, If it doesn’t, please click the words 'click here' written in blue next to the thank you message at the top of the screen, and it will try again.


Step 4:

Open your download and it will start to install automatically. Depending on your computers security levels and protection you may see a "Open File - Security Warning" come up simply click "Run"


Step 5:

Once you click "Run", Google Earth will start to install itself on your computer.


Step 6:

Once your install is complete click "Close". Depending on your computers setting Google Earth may open automatically, if not simply find it on your desktop and open it.

Step 7:

Welcome to Google Earth. To find the location you require simply type it into the "Search" bar in the top left hand corner then click "Search".


Step 8:

Once you have found your location (For this guide I have used our business address), you can now find out your head heights and total pumping distance. For this you will need to use the “Add Path " tool located on the top left next to the search bar.


Step 9:

Once you have selected the “Add Path” tool simply click and make a mark where your water source is (where the pump will be drawing the water from), then click and make another mark where the pump will be pushing the water to. Be a where that when you make your fist mark the "New Path" box will come up, this is what tell you your measurements, you can give your path a name if you want to make it easier to remember if you are making more than one path. Once you have made your two marks you will see Google Earth will draw a line between the two points.

To make it easier to see I have changed the colour of the line and also the width.

In the “Edit Path " box if you select "Measurements" you can choose Centimetres, Meters, Kilometres etc to display your total distance.